2nd European Wool Day
Applications are now open!!!


The call for applications has started, please submit your proposals by filling out the application form below or by downloading it from here and emailing the filled out form to until the 24th January 2022.


The European Wool Day is a day to celebrate wool as wool was born to be loved.

The focus this year will be on wool for health and well-being. We’ll demonstrate how wool can be used in hospitals, elderly centres and with disabled people caring for other vulnerable segment of society.


We will show the versatile use of wool across Europe, building on the similarities and displaying the unique solutions that could be implemented elsewhere. We would also love to show examples of the different native breeds of Europe, the wool processing on small and larger scale in different countries, the role that wool can play in the fashion market, arts and crafts with wool, and many more.


If you’re passionate about wool and would like to present your organisation on the day, or just have an interesting story to tell, please get in contact, we’d love to hear from you!


We encourage national wool days taking place in the morning and the EWD will be held in the afternoon.


The host country this year will be Spain, broadcasting from Salamón. The event will be broadcasted via the internet as we are not sure what the Covid-19 situation will be. Few limited places on-site in Salamón will also be available.


We build on the success of last year. If you missed the 1st EWD please visit click here and you’ll find all last year’s presentations there.

Details to contributors:


Please be advised that there will be a selection made in January 2022 and you will be informed whether your presentation is shortlisted.


We encourage you to contribute in order to cover the cost of organising the day (minimum suggested amount €15 for associations and €30 for companies). You can transfer your donation through the website.

Online Workshop

Deadline of submissions EXTENDED
to 24th January, 2022