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3rd European Wool Day
9th April 2023 • Serbia


The focus this year will be on:

Wool enterprises by women


Women have a long history of working with wool and we will show you how they’ve found new ways of making a living from this natural fibre.


If you’re passionate about wool and would like to present your organisation on the day, or just have an interesting story to tell, please get in contact, we’d love to hear from you regardless of your gender!


The host country this year is Serbia, broadcasting from Belgrade.

Host organisation is:


President of Krafting: Mrs Vesna Todorovski


The 3rd European Wool Day will be broadcasted via the Internet in the afternoon on 9th April 2023 from 2pm CET.We build on the success of last years. If you missed the 1st or 2nd EWDay please find out here EWD2021 | EWD2022 or visit our YouTube Channel for all past presentations.

Details to contributors:

Deadline for applications is extended until 26th February 2023.


Please be advised that there will be a selection process in February 2023 and you will be informed whether your presentation is shortlisted in due course.


Deadline for pre-recorded contributions from the selected applicants is 19th March 2023.


We encourage you to contribute in order to cover the cost of organising the day (suggested amount €15 for associations and €30 for companies). You can transfer your donation through our website

Application form in Pdf

Application form in Word

Application form

Please tell us about your planned contribution to the 3rd European Wool Day:

Tell us why you would like to contribute to the 3nd EWD? (Why others should see you and what you are hoping to get from the experience.):

Category (e.g. breeder, processor, health and well being):

Format of contribution (e.g. pre-recorded video, live stream):

Please try to limit the duration to 5 minutes

Will you be available for a live connection on the day?
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Thanks for submitting your application!

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