The EWE Foundation through the European Twiddle Muff Awards 2022 wishes to encourage knitting, crocheting, felting and weaving for a cause.


The main aim of the European Twiddle Muff Awards 2022 is to promote the benefits of twiddle muffs and encourage their use on a European level. Via the Awards we also wish to encourage creativity in the creation of twiddle muffs and provide ideas for people who are interested in making them. Our aim is to encourage an abundance of twiddle muffs so they can be distributed to as many institutions caring for patients with dementia as possible. 


Twiddle muffs are sensory therapy tools designed to help alleviate certain symptoms of dementia. Benefits of twiddle muffs include: providing visual, tactile and sensory stimulations, keeping the hands warm and also providing comfort and having a calming effect. More info on the benefits of twiddle muffs can be found at the General info on twiddle muffs section.


The European Twiddle Muff Awards initiative is a competition open to all. 

We are inviting you to submit your best work of art and design of twiddle muffs.

What are the categories?


There is one main category where we are choosing 5 best twiddle muffs based on the following criteria: overall impression, theme, creativity of the attachments, use of colours and softness.


The Awards also includes following additional categories:

  1. Special award for softest with 100% wool 

  2. Made by a man special award

  3. Most active country determined by pro rata population

  4. Public’s Choice Award - online voting taking place in August 2022

Full details about the categories and selection criteria you can find in the Call for entering the Awards. One twiddle muff can win only one award. 

How to participate?

1. Make a twiddle muff with safety in mind

  • Select your yarn

  • Make the body of the twiddle muff

  • Decorate the twiddle muff

  • Finish the twiddle muff


Safety of the twiddle muff is very important to us. Please do not put anything wooden, ceramic, plastic or made out of glass on the twiddle muff. No beads of any kind, no buttons and pompoms or any other small objects are allowed as set out in the safety instruction part of the Guidelines.

More detailed information on how to make a twiddle muff can be found at the Basic instructions part of the Guidelines or you can watch this video.

2. Finalise your application for the Awards

  • Take a photo of your finished twiddle muff or make a sketch of it.

  • Attach it to the filled out application form with the signed consent.

  • Give it to the group you are a part of or send to the closest Regional Coordinator by the 30th June 2022.


If there is no Regional Coordinator in your country please get in contact with the EWE Foundation at awards@ewe.network email address or send your twiddle muffs to:

“OZANA”  and EWE Foundation – European Twiddle Muff Awards 

Štrikeraj Café, Ulica grada Vukovara 239, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia


Please pay attention to the Timeline and look for the Regional Coordinator in your country. 

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on awards@ewe.network

All the twiddle muffs made during the Awards will be donated to institutions caring for patients with dementia. No selling of the twiddle muffs is allowed.

Twiddle muff 6.jpg


For the participation in the Award by the Participants and the realization of the works for the Award timeline is as follows.


  • Announcement of the start of the award at the 2nd EWD on 9th April 2022

  • Deadline for sending twiddle muffs to Regional Coordinators, 30th June 2022

  • Deadline for sending the chosen twiddle muffs to Zagreb, Croatia, 31st July 2022


Address where to send the twiddle muffs for submission: 

“OZANA”  and EWE Foundation – European Twiddle Muff Awards, Štrikeraj Café, Ulica grada Vukovara 239, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia


  • Public choice voting taking place on Facebook in August 2022 

  • The announcement of the winners on 21st September 2022 in Zagreb, as part of the celebratory event (World Alzheimer Day)