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KötÉS is a knitting project providing warm hats, scarfs and gloves for people in need. KötÉS works under the umbrella of „Heti Betevő”.

Heti Betevő is an organisation providing good quality lunch every Sunday to approx. 2000 people in need (mainly homeless people, but also to large families and the elderly) in five locations (two in Budapest and three in other cities) since 2014.

It has all started with a group of friends joining together and cooking lunch and distributing the hot meal to homeless people. The news of where one can get lunch on Sundays spread fast and more and more people turned up for it. Fortunately, more and more helpers joined in. The money raised by the association finances the lunch, as well-known restaurants cook a one-dish meal for the people in need.

Marianna Manna Bartha joined the group of Heti Betevő in the first half-year and she created the kötÉS group when at the very first winter it came to her attention that a lot of people were cold, without hats, scarfs and gloves. 

“As I love to knit and crochet it was obvious that I was going to knit a few hats. I’ve already had a very good experience of people’s generosity through the lunch distributions, so I made the first gathering of “kötÉS: Let’s knit for the guests of the lunch distributions” open on Facebook. We met in a coffee shop that supported our association. Not only acquaintances came, but strangers as well, among whom some still come every year.”


The knitting together occasions usually start in October every year and we gather every 3-4 weeks until Christmas. The Sunday closest to Christmas is the time when we distribute our knitted hand-made items along with some collected used ones. This way we are able to support everyone.

“It’s always a great pleasure that they can choose one that they really like.”

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