Associazione Tessile e Salute

The Textile and Health Association is side by side with consumers, in order to protect the Made in Italy, it deals with eco-toxicology in the Textile and Fashion sectors.

Association IAIA

IAIA Association is a non-profit organisation that works with knitting and weaving in health, education & humanitarian assistance 


A non-profit organization of social utility committed to promoting solidarity, recovering of well-being and caring for the environment

Las Hidalgas


From Las Hidalgas we make a series of yarns and kits for the knitting world that gather a history and added value directly related to transhumance.


Made in Slow

We revive and give value to a unique heritage and biodiversity. Products made with soul to create a more sustainable consumption.


OZANA is a Civil Society Organization based in Zagreb, Croatia. Its primary mission is to improve the life quality of persons with disabilities and their families.


Kotes the knitting group

A non-profit organisation’s knitting group where volunteers knit hats, scarfs and gloves for people in need.


Stitchlinks has pioneered the approach of using knitting as a therapeutic tool to improve wellbeing.

Green Holding

Green Holding cover in Italy the entire chain of integrated waste management through collection , sorting, transportation...

Trashumanzia y


logo nuevo T&N.jpg
logo nuevo T&N.jpg

Trashumancia y Naturaleza  (TyN) promotes since 1992 the mobile pastoralism of shepherds and livestock along the Spanish drove-roads

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Zavod Tri Institute

The Tri Institute is a non-governmental organisation for sustainable community practices.

The Breast Center

of Cyprus

the first specialized breast center in the private sector 'surrounded by acclaimed health professionals of various disciplines

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RTD Talos Ltd

RTD TALOS Limited is an SME offering high quality services in the field of project management both in European and national level.

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Americanos Law

Provides high quality legal services with integrity, professionalism and respect to its clients and the law.