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Atelier Laines d’Europe

Breeders, artisans and innovators of wool: cooperation for quality

Atelier Laines d’Europe is organising on 25-26 March at the Etang de Baye in Nièvre, Burgundy, France, a meeting of breeders, artisans and innovators of wool to come together and to find sustainable solutions for the creating of high quality wool products. 

Wool weights on the back of the sheep. Every year, after the sheering, breeders are left with huge amount of fleeces. Aware of the low value of this primary material, some of them have decided to innovate. Here the adventure starts!

Atelier Laines d’Europe hosts two days of talks from breeders, technical workshops, exchange of ideas and knowledge that will help identify the constraints faced by everyone, share feasible solutions and create a dialogue among like minded participants.

For more information:

Phone: +33 04 92 25 71 88




Domaine de l’Etang de Baye, La Tuilerie 
Bazolles, 58110 FRANCE + Google Map

Phone: +33 03 86 38 97 39


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