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European Wool Crafting

Craft, /krɑːft/, noun:

an activity involving skill in making things by hand.

To craft, the worker needs specific materials with which to work, Wool is a natural material and is readily available across Europe. Wool is such a versatile material and there are many ways in which to use it in handcrafts, both traditional and contemporary. Of course, traditionally wool was used in knitting, weaving, crochet, and embroidery. Wool was also used for spinning, dyeing, and weaving by hand, all a family’s household goods and clothing. Needle felting and wet felting with wool is now used in contemporary art as well as fashion. The process to go from “sheep to shawl” was and is a time consuming craft. Modern techniques and manufacturers have greatly reduced the time needed to produce woollen products.


But there is still great satisfaction in crafting with wool by hand. And there is a growing interest in learning handcrafts using local wool as well as making, using, and purchasing products from natural wool.


What EWE can do!
“decorating a bag with black wool needle felting”
Daskalov School, Bitola, North Macedonia

Wool was meticulously needle felted onto the bag which showcased the student's craftsmanship and attention to detail. The use of wool added a stylish appearance to the final product.

Get Inspired

One of the best description of wool crafting is offered by the websites and that we want to congratulate.

Here are just a few websites where you can find information and crafters who use wool in their work:

You can also visit

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