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Are you looking for an innovative approach to achieving better results for your organisation through improving the mental and emotional well-being of your staff?

The WOOL WELLNESS & EWE offers a program for organisations that are concerned for the well-being of their employees and the environment as part of their social responsibility.


For more information and the availability of the programs in your country, please contact us at

In our WOOL WELLNESS & EWE program, we have found a unique solution that combines relaxation and creativity to help your employees find balance in their working and wider lives. WOOL WELLNESS & EWE is an experience that involves contact with nature through wool to create garments, while the process of creating facilitates relaxation and concentration. This approach not only reduces stress, but also stimulates creativity which helps with problem solving. When we are thinking creatively there are more options open to us. This can all have a positive impact on productivity and, above all, the well-being of your employees.

The benefits of our Wool Wellness program include:

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety;

  • Improvement in mood;

  • Fostering creativity and concentration;

  • Strengthening of social ties, promoting communication between employees;

  • Fostering friendships and acceptance of others;

  • Nurturing a sense of belonging to a caring community;

  • Promoting the general welfare of workers.


The EWE Foundation offers 3 different WOOL WELLNESS & EWE packages to choose from:


  1. EWE Kit: Each employee receives  a bag containing  a ball of responsibly sourced EWE wool, fibre craft tools, a leaflet with helpful information for good knitting practices, a pattern and access to a tutorial. There is a selection of fibre craft projects available to choose from. Employees can choose to work individual on a project by themselves or work collaboratively on a shared project. The produced items can be donated to charities or taken home.

  2. Wool theme day at your office: a representative from the EWE Foundation will come to the organization's offices to conduct a WOOL WELLNESS & EWE session with the employees. Every individual will receive an EWE Kit and be immersed in a day focused on creativity and wool.

  3. Wool theme day(s) at a wool museum: The trip includes a mini excursion to a wool museum in a rural setting with the possibility of spending the night there. Whilst there they will also receive a EWE Kit and take part in a wool-themed day focused on creativity and wool.

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