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Les Hidalgas


Plaza del Vizconde, 1

24003 León



From Las Hidalgas we make a series of yarns and kits for the knitting world that gather a history and added value directly related to transhumance.


Let your inspiration take flight as you wander through the rich culture of shepherding. Whether with our balls of yarn or in the form of a transhumant knitting kit or unique pieces woven with our soft and light wool for you, you also you will learn about the landscapes, biodiversity and cultural wealth that are part of our history.

We support artisans and the local company, all our products are made 100% in Spain. All our products are made with transhumant Spanish merino wool and 25% of the benefit of your purchase is directly passed on to the transhumant livestock farmer, withthis we want to contribute to their recovery, bringing each product all the information on its traceability. Through the QR code you can meet the true protagonists of this cultural benefit.


A direct monitoring of all the production phases allows to identify each yarn, woven, needle and garment with its origin. In this way and through the QR code printed on the labeling you will have the possibility to connect with the transhumant herds, the shepherds, the forests, the artisans and the weavers and with the heritage values that your consumption contributes to preserving.

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