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Gomitolorosa is a non-profit organization of social utility committed to promoting solidarity, recovering of well-being and caring for the environment, through the support of knitting.


It recovers the Italian waste wool, otherwise burnt, for the purposes of environmental protection and the conservation of native wool, with which it creates balls of wool of 14 different colors associated with some pathologies (pink for breast cancer, red for heart diseases, etc.).


It supports knitting as a therapeutic tool for the individual recovery of mental and physical well-being, donating 100% certified wool.


It collaborates with hospitals, associations and amateur knitting groups throughout the national territory with which it creates artifacts (scarves, shawls, blankets, hats, etc) intended for social solidarity.


The “Thread that Unites” is the project that actually "connects" the national network of associations and amateur knitting groups, in the implementation of the Association's aims. It is divided into 4 lines of intervention:


1. SOCIAL SOLIDARITY: promotion of knitting for the creation of artefacts intended for weak subjects of society (elderly, children, patients, disabled, disadvantaged).


2. KNITTING THERAPY: promotion of knitting for therapeutic purposes at hospitals and health facilities with the aim of improving the quality of life of patients and their families, restoring the well-being of the body and mind, breaking down the state anxiety about waiting for the diagnosis or treatment.


3. SOCIAL KNITTING: promotion of knitting in public meeting places, to create sharing, socialization and leisure, contrasting loneliness.


4. AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS: promotion of knitting for the realization of projects in support of awareness campaigns for different pathologies, to which the production of wool balls in different colors has been linked, according to an international code that attributes to each disease a different color.



Gomitolorosa was born in 2012 in Biella, the city of wool, from an idea of ​​Dr. Alberto Costa, an oncologist surgeon, internationally recognized for his contribution to the advancement of the treatment of breast cancer, for innovative ideas in the field of scientific communication and teaching to doctors and for raising the standards of medical care.


The project starts as a container of ideas and people of good will to support the world of women's health in particular. Makes its first appearance on October 15, 2012, on the occasion of the Day for Breast Health.


From 2018 it has its operational headquarters in Rome.

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