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Made in Slow

Plaza del Vizconde, 1

24003 León



We revive and give value to a unique heritage and biodiversity. Products made with soul to create a more sustainable consumption.


Made in Slow is a platform born from the need to preserve and restore heritage and traditional values which nowadays are in serious difficulties in maintaining their continuity.


``Transhumance by Made in Slow`` is the first Project in which the platform Made in Slow applied this philosophy.


Transhumant activity represents one of the last great migration of herbivores across Europe and is in danger of extinction.


Based on an innovative and sustainable approach, the end user will directly and actively contribute to improving the living conditions of transhumant herders, thus helping to preserve this activity.


With all this, we are able to offer yarns to national and international brands, for knitwear manufacturing both industrial and handmade, by our weavers in the rural world.


Significant part of our project is to ensure the transparency of the process, so it is given special importance to the traceability system.

Thus, the end users will be able to connect to transhumant herds, the shepherds, the weavers and the heritage values their consumption helps to preserve.


“Because each story counts, Made in Slow”.

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