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Ulica grada Vukovara 239
Zagreb 10 000


Tel.+385 01 61 52 946

OZANA is a Civil Society Organization based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Its primary mission is to improve the life quality of persons with disabilities and their families. We currently take care of 10 preschool children with developmental issues and 49 youth and adult persons with intellectual disability.


Pedagogical work in both programs is based on Waldorf education principles and is adjusted to specific needs of beneficiaries, their age, and also type and level of disability in order to maximize their potential.


Our work with youth and adults is organized through workshops: handicraft workshop (needlework, sewing, weaving, knitting, crocheting), wool  workshop – processing of wool, wet and dry felting, ceramics, art therapy, sports (swimming, table tennis), independent life skills workshop (cleaning, cooking, gardening, shopping etc.), music and dance workshop, drama games and exercises…

We work together with parents, all the relevant institutions, but also with schools, faculties, libraries, museums, theatres, nursing homes, other NGOs, patient groups, volunteers…


We participate in social events and projects of others. This adds value to our basic programs and contributes to social inclusion of our beneficiaries and gives them visibility in our society.




OZANA founded Štrikeraj café in 2013. as a “meeting point” - a place where anyone can come and join us, knit and crochet with us or learn how to do that (all the “teaching” is free for our guests and is adjusted to individual interests and previous knowledge).

The individuals in the care of OZANA act as hosts, prepare and serve drinks, bake cakes and cookies as well as engage in conversation with guests while knitting and crocheting with them. This offers those in their care a range of new experiences whilst connecting them with their local community which in turn helps to break down prejudices towards them. It also gives everyone involved an opportunity to experience the effects of knitting and crocheting on wellbeing. The quality of social contacts achieved by joint participation in these activities is particularly important.


Around the world knitting and crocheting are being valued as activities with therapeutic potential, highlighting their social dimension. Štrikeraj café has proven to be a perfect place for promoting the therapeutic benefits of knitting and crocheting. It is also a good place to raise social awareness on issues that concern everyone.

 As a result, we organize our work around ‘knitting for cause’ projects.

Our latest project „Upletimo se!“ ("Knit me in!") is still actual and is set to show that people with disabilities can engage and make a difference in the society gathering and unifying community around common humanitarian goal aimed to help another vulnerable group (homeless people and people in need).

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