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How to crochet a twiddle muff

Video tutorial on how to crochet a twiddle muff for the European Twiddle Muff Awards 2022 by Cukicrochet and IAIA.

Looking forward to seeing your creations!

The main aim of the European Twiddle Muff Awards 2022 is - to promote the benefits of twiddle muffs and encourage their use on a European level. - to encourage creativity in the creation of twiddle muffs and provide ideas for people who are interested in making them. - to encourage an abundance of twiddle muffs so they can be distributed to as many institutions caring for patients with dementia as possible.

Twiddle muffs are sensory therapy tools designed to help alleviate certain symptoms of dementia. Benefits of twiddle muffs include: providing visual, tactile and sensory stimulations, keeping the hands warm and also providing comfort and having a calming effect.

Please send your twiddle muff by 20th July 2022.

Please avail of the translations available for the video at Settings. #twiddlemuff #alzheimer #dementia #sheep #wool #knit #knitting #crochet #felt #weave #knittingforcharity #europeansolidarity

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