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Stitchlinks – the home of therapeutic knitting since 2005


Stitchlinks has pioneered the approach of using knitting as a therapeutic tool to improve wellbeing and has been driving research into this area since 2005.


Founded by Wellbeing Coach and former physiotherapist Betsan Corkhill, it was set up to provide users with a safe, trustworthy hub of information on the use of Therapeutic Knitting.

Our mission is to use Therapeutic Knitting to improve wellbeing generally, and to complement medical treatments in the self-management of long-term health conditions. We are working closely with academics and clinicians, and as a direct result, Therapeutic Knitting and Therapeutic Knitting groups are being formally acknowledged by leading clinicians and academics for their benefits in mainstream healthcare. We have been successfully using knitting therapeutically since 2006, so have a wealth of knowledge to share.

We are passionate about unravelling the neuroscience behind knitting’s therapeutic benefits as well as promoting a 'whole-person' approach to wellbeing and health care so encourage variety, curiosity, exploration, creativity, laughter and a lot of fun!

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