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Trashumancia y Naturaleza  (TyN)

Trashumancia y Naturaleza  (TyN) promotes since 1992 the mobile pastoralism of shepherds and livestock along the Spanish drove-roads, as key ecological corridors connecting areas of high ecological value, to minimize fragmentation and enhance biodiversity. TyN also promotes pastoralism as a High Nature Value Farming system a key “retroinnovation” tool for fightimh climate change and as key provider of ecosystems services, among them the provision of sustainable products such as wool. TyN manage its own transhumant merino sheep herd of about 1500 heads that crosses the centre of Madrid every year as a raising awareness action to highlight the importance of maintaining our pastoral systems. We also encourage the use of wool as a sustainable product and support a group of women who transform wool into beautiful textile items, part of the produced using our transhumant merino wool. TyN collaborates as well with more than 50 pastoral families.

TyN has been awarded with the “Slow Food Award 2000”, the “I Jane Goodall Award” in 2010, the “BBVA Award” for biodiversity conservation and the Adenex Research Award in 2015.

Apdo. 33, Cabezón de la Sal. 39500 Cantabria, Spain

Tel.+0034 942 700 753

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