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Unveiled the first EWE knitted woolen Christmas tree

Watch the unveiling of the large knitted woolen Christmas tree initiatied and organised by OZANA and Štrikeraj café in the courtyard of the University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče, Zagreb, Croatia.

Approximately 15 kg of pure wool in natural tones was used, a total of 102.5 m of common scarf was woven. The ornaments on the tree are also pure wool. Most of the wool was provided by the European Wool Exchange Foundation and we also thank Agricultural Cooperative Island of Krk, Croatia Poljoprivredna zadruga Otok Krk for their wool donation.

Thanks to all who have tuned in. Go and see the Christmas tree at the Hospital's courtyard if you have a chance!


OZANA – Štrikeraj café 

01 6152 946

Ulica grada vukovara 239


A knitted, wooly Christmas tree was created by knitting scarves together in the Croatian „Štrikeraj café“ campaign. Pure wool was used to make the scarves, most of which was provided by donations from the EWE Foundation and the Agricultural Cooperative of the Island of Krk to promote the use of this natural fiber in therapeutic purposes. A number of individuals and organizations from Croatia and abroad, who had gathered around Štrikeraj Café to promote knitting and crocheting and its benefits, participated in the production of the scarves. All together they managed to knit 102.5 meters of scarf, which they turned into this special tree. And all the decorations on the tree are made of pure wool, crocheted, knitted or shaped using the felting technique, as is the star on the top. 

Knitting is an activity in which stitches are connected and combined, and there are about 922,500 stitches woven into this scarf, all of which are equally important and through which we are all connected, said Sandra Kerovec, head of the Štrikeraj café of the OZANA association and center. Connection with the community and social inclusion are what the OZANA Association and Center pay special attention to in their work with beneficiaries, young people and adults with intellectual disabilities.

The ceremonial unveiling of the woolen Christmas tree in the courtyard of the Vrapče Psychiatric Clinic is the result of a partnership between the association and the OZANA Center and its Café Štrikeraj and the University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče. This continues the successful cooperation that began in 2021 with the "Let's join hands" initiative for the production of Twiddle Muffs - colorful knitted and crocheted muffs with many knitted and crocheted decorations. Twiddle Muffs can relieve stress in dementia patients, relax, occupy and calm them, but also stimulate their motor and cognitive skills. So far, more than 500 Twiddle Muffs have been donated. The initiative also promotes the benefits of knitting and crocheting for everyone, including those with dementia. The partnership in the "HANDS" project opens up opportunities for a range of joint activities and actions to further promote knitting and crocheting and its therapeutic benefits, as well as joint efforts to expand the use of Twiddle Muffs and develop new sensory aids that are created when practicing these skills.

This woolly Christmas tree, which was ceremonially unveiled in the courtyard of the Vrapče Psychiatric Clinic on St. Nicholas' Day, shows that joining forces can achieve a great goal and how traditional skills such as knitting and crocheting have a positive impact on the recovery and daily functioning of our patients - said Prof. Ph.D. Ninoslav Mimica, Head of the Reference Centre for Alzheimer's Disease and Geriatric Psychiatry at the University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče in Zagreb. In addition to the joint scarf, many other scarves were made during the campaign, which will be donated to patients of the Institute of Biological Psychiatry and Psychogeriatrics and beneficiaries of OZANA during the holidays. The Christmas tree will decorate the courtyard of the Vrapče Psychiatric Clinic during the Advent season, and afterwards the wool from which it was made will be reused to make seat cushions.


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